Sonoma Essentials™️Toothpaste & Bamboo Toothbrush Set

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Sonoma Essentials Toothpaste:

The Sonoma Essentials Activated Charcoal Toothpaste has a pleasant minty flavor and is to be used after using our Activated Charcoal for improved results. This toothpaste can be used as your every day toothpaste. 


Organic Charcoal, Sorbitol, Sodium Carboxymethyl cellulose, Hydrated Silica, Polyethylene Glycol300, Sodium Sacchaarin Flavor, Sodium Hydroxide, Propylparaben, Water.  



1. Containing HCS Whitening Ingredient: It removes the stains resulted from smoking and drinking tea.
2. Prevents teeth stains from forming again, and helps maintain the whitening effect!
3. Double-Effective Protective Formula: While whitening the teeth, the formula could prevent new color pigmentation from attaching to your teeth, to ensure you have a healthy and confident smile.


Our Activated Charcoal Toothpaste is top of the line, 100% vegan, and has been approved by many respectable Dentists.

What does it do?

Whitens Teeth Naturally & Quickly

•Detoxifies mouth
•Prevents Bad Breath
•Removes Plaque
•Prevents Harmful Bacteria Growth.

•Polishes Teeth


 Sonoma Essentials Charcoal Bristle ToothBrush:

This biodegradable bamboo toothbrush has bristle coated with fine activated charcoal which can help clean and protect your teeth significantly better than a regular toothbrush. The purifying nature of activated charcoal makes this toothbrush effective at preventing bacteria from growing in your mouth. Comfortable and durable.

*Each Product comes in it's own custom Sonoma Essentials Packaging.


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